Friends 4 Eva

Home of the Annual Heather Lynne Siebert Memorial Ride

Our Mission Statement

Founded at our kitchen table in November of 2009, our goal is to contribute to the Heather Siebert Patient Support Fund located at Children's Hospital Boston.

Our Mission Statement is not complex or hard to understand, it is rather simple in fact. To help parents and families with children who are chronically ill. Simple.

Our current mission is to help fund "The Heather Siebert Patient Support Fund" located at Children's Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.  A fund named in honor of Heather on the day she passed away. This fund will assist families of children who are in-patients to the GI and Nutrition services with the high cost of staying right at the hospital. Allowing them to see that their children get what they need and not be alone. Helping in areas such as parking fees, lodging and meals, these are only a few of the expenses families incur.

As we have grown, we have added a scholarship fund in Heathers name to be awarded to a graduating senior at Hopkinton High School.

Our mission is not limited to the items above. There are many things that will make a difference for patients and families. That is our goal.


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